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  Basic Protection

Health Alerts

Direct Access to Support using our 24/7 Built-in Contact Form

Antivirus Health Warning Alerts

Application Crash Error Alerts

Hardware Health Alerts

20% off Technical Support

Monitoring Protection

Basic + Hardware Monitoring

Each additional device $5/month

--Basic Protection Included--

--Proactive Monitoring--

Antivirus Health

Low Disk Space

Blue Screen Errors

Application Crashes

Hardware Health

Firewall Health

Hard Drive Fragmentation

Hard Drive Health

Antivirus Protection

Basic + Hardware Monitoring + Antivirus

Each additional device $10/month

--Basic Protection Included--

--Proactive Monitoring Included--

--Antivirus Protection--

Antivirus Software

Proactively scan for viruses and malware

Complete Protection

Basic + Hardware Monitoring + Antivirus + Backups

Each additional device $15/month

--Basic Protection Included--

--Monitoring Protection Included--

--Antivirus Protection Included--

--Backup Protection--

Local Backups

Unlimited Cloud Backups

 * Free computer clean up (inside and out) each time your computer is serviced

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