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Microsoft 365 Administration
Microsoft 365 Administration

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Can you answer these questions for you and your organization?

  • Which productivity tools are you and your employees using today?

  • Do you currently use Microsoft Office as your office productivity software? If so, is it up to date, and do you have sufficient licenses for all of your employees?

  • How many mailboxes are you managing today?

  • What’s your current mailbox size?

  • How do you support employees with remote or mobile access needs?

  • What are the current collaboration and communications challenges within your organization?

If you are able to answer these questions, are you satisfied with your answers?

Here are some challenges that we can help you and your company solve:

  • Prevent downtime of on-premises productivity suites.

  • Reliability issues and user frustration.

  • Heavy IT maintenance burden of the existing solution.

  • High capital expenses for a server upgrade or replacement.

  • Security concerns with the existing IT infrastructure or provider.

  • Using older versions of Microsoft Office or a mixed environment, which leads to compatibility issues and productivity challenges.

  • Lack of communication/collaboration capabilities hindering productivity.

  • User dissatisfaction with the limited capabilities of the existing productivity suite.

  • Lack of support for employees working remotely.

  • Email mailbox size or attachment size limitations.

Contact us and let us help you solve these challenges so that you and your business can be more agile and efficient!