Hardware Installations 

We provide hardware installations consisting of 

Data Recovery

We provide data recovery services to help Just need a simple backup plan?  We have a simple backup solution to backup your computer(s).  Need peace of mind that your data is safe no matter what?  We have a simple cloud backup solution that will keep your data safe and secure.  Best of all, you will have unlimited space to store all of your data.  We can get you started at a low cost of $15 per month per device. 

Tuneup Service

Keep your computer's performance running at it's best by having us proactively clean up the temporary files and clutter on your computer, disable startup programs that will boost your computer's startup time, optimize and speed up your hard drive, repair registry issues, install and uninstall software, inventory analysis and provide audit reporting on our progress.  This will help protect privacy, help keep your computer more secure and faster.  Signup today for a free 14 day trial.  After the trial, it is just $8 per month per device for residential customers and $25 per month per device for small businesses.